Following is important information you will need to know prior to being legally married in a civil ceremony performed by a judge in Mexico:

Required Documents (Bride and Groom):

  1. Clear copies of your birth certificates
  2. Clear copies of your passports
  3. Clear copies of your driver's licenses
  4. A copy of the Tourist Immigration form you received when entering Mexico
  5. A clear copy of your divorce decree, if applicable. It is required that your divorce must be final at least one year in advance of your Civil Ceremony. There are no exceptions to this government law.
  6. Lab work must be completed the week of your ceremony. Applies for all destinations - please let us know if you would like us to set up a lab technician to come to your suite.

You must bring all of the documents mentioned above with you to the ceremony.

The following extra charges apply to any of our wedding packages:

  1. Blood test and health certificate: $200 USD per couple
  2. Administrative Paperwork at City Hall: $40 USD per couple
  3. NOTE: charges may vary by destination. Please contact one of our wedding specialist for details.

We'd love to help you plan your wedding! Here's what we'll need:

  1. Date and time for the ceremony
  2. Full name, address and citizenship of bride
  3. Full name, address and citizenship of groom
  4. Name, address and citizenship of bride's parents, whether living or not
  5. Name, address and citizenship of groom's parents, whether living or not
  6. Names, addresses and citizenship of four witnesses
  7. Copies of witnesses' IDs
  8. Witnesses' relationship to bride or groom (friend, cousin, etc.)

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