“Three things cannot be hidden for a long time: the Sun, the Moon, and love.” By Buda

Enjoying time together as a couple is something that unites us forever. Sharing this special moment and relaxing with your other half is a memory that will last for a lifetime.


50/80 minutes

You and your other half will enjoy the renewal of two kindred spirits who receive the energetic transformation of the universe through a delicious holistic massage with aromatic candle oil. Embark on a journey that balances and harmonizes you as a couple and allows you to connectet spiritually with the one you love.


140 minutes

Escape to a world of sensations with your partner where renewal and sharing is the focal point. This indulgent couple’s therapy starts with a foot ritual to purify the soul, and continues with a bath of flowers & vanilla for her and a house body exfoliation for him. A relaxing holistic massage is to follow and we round out the experience with a refreshing seaweed, lavender & propolis facial. This unique getaway will have you falling in love all over again


90 minutes

When the day comes to an end and vibrant shades of red and yellow are scattered across the sky, the Tatewari Spa begins their holistic ceremony, which starts with a light tropical exfoliation within the spa and continues with a walk to the beach among the candles that light the way. A relaxing foot ritual and a delicious holistic massage accompanied by the light and aroma of massage candles, the sound of the wind and the sea sweep guests off to a serene location of peace and intense tranquility.

At the end of the massage, you can enjoy the sunset with a delicious bottle of sparkling wine and a cheese platter or you can rest in our relaxation area where you can enjoy the privacy of this sensational experience.



“Silver moon what do you pretend to do with our children? ” By Spain tail

We know that small children also like to enjoy divine spa experiences, which is why the tatewari spa has selected the best services to fit their needs. please enjoy these sublimeexperiences with your children.


40 minutes

Enjoy a mini massage designed especially for the little ones of the house. This relaxing massage uses chocolate oil which will make the experience even more enjoyable for your children.


60 minutes

During their first visit to the salon, your children can enjoy a relaxing treatment for their hands and feet without manicure and pedicure package for children. This unique experience is a great way to start off an incredible vacation.


30 minutes

Learn the first steps for facial care while you enjoy a mini organic lavender and gum facial that will help you to relax, while hydrating your skin. (Children should always be accompanied by an adult during their spa service. The Tatewari Spa will not perform any spa service if there is no adult in the room to accompany the spa therapist and the child).

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